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Ad mixtures are also added to a concrete mix to give it certain characteristics not obtainable by basic production. Admixtures come in powder or paste form and generally consist of no more than 5% of the entire mixture.Concrete has many characteristics including:
Elasticity – relatively low
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Workability – ability to mould to certain shapes
Concrete is used for many structures. Mass concrete structures are structures built with one, giant concrete slab so that there are no weak points, such as dams or shelters. Reinforced concrete structures have bars of steel running through the concrete to ensure strength and stability. Pre stressed concrete 
structures have a predetermined stress level which will never be exceeded, as they will only carry their own weight. Concrete is an amazingly versatile material. Whether you are building some of the largest structures in the world or a small pathway, the evolution and discovery of concrete has changed our world

Creep – the permanent movement of a slab of concrete
The composition of concrete is traditionally relatively simple. However, modern concrete is often a complicated mix, ensuring durability and longevity. Cement is the main ingredient in concrete. Portland cement is the most common cement in circulation, which is just a basic mix of mortar and plaster.
Water is another ingredient in the manufacture of concrete. The w/c ratio (mass ratio of water to cement) is the key factor that determines the strength of Concrete. A lower w/c ratio will yield a concrete which is stronger, while a higher w/c ratio yields a concrete with a lower strength. Water also affects the workability and consistency of a concrete.This water and cement paste hardens over time, and both fine and coarse aggregates are added to provide bulk. Widely used aggregates include sand, gravel and crushed stone. Decorative stones such as, small river stones or crushed glass are sometimes added to the surface of concrete for a decorative “exposed aggregate” finish, popular among landscape designers.
Strength – high compressive strength, low tensile strength
Concrete is a construction material that consists of, in its most common form, cement cheap nike air max, gravel and sand, and water. Concrete is the most highly used manmade product on Earth. It is used to make pavements, building structures, foundations, motorways/roads, overpasses, parking structures, brick/block walls and 
footings for gates, fences and poles. Approximately six billion cubic metres of concrete are produced every year, which is one cubic metre per person on Earth Nike Shox! Concrete commands a $35 billion worldwide industry and employs, in the United States alone, 2 million people.

The origins of concrete can be traced back to the Babylonians, who used a clay-mix similar to concrete. However, the modern-day form of concrete was not invented till 1756, when British engineer John Smeaton pioneered the use of cement in concrete. His ingredients included pebbles and powdered brick as 
aggregate. Nowadays, recycled materials are becoming increasingly more popular as ingredients in concrete due to higher public awareness about ecological sustainability and environmental damage.

Expansion and shrinkage – provisions must be made for both
Cracking – abnormal drying rate will result in cracks
Curing – keeping concrete under certain conditions till it hydrates
Follow this tunnel, and it will take you to the second level. Once you come up to the second level, six Brute minors and a Brute major with a gravity hammer will move towards you from farther back on this level. In addition, some of the initial infantry from before often retreat to these Brutes, and will now face you a second time. To eliminate these enemies, walk a few steps out the tunnel, kill a few enemies with headshots, and then run back into the tunnel for safety once your shields become low or the covenant throw a plasma grenade at you. If a Brute comes too close to the tunnel entrance, kill him with your gravity hammer.
Concrete is the most widely used manmade product in the world. It powers a $35 billion industry, one of the largest on Earth. Concrete is used to make a variety of structures a which you use everyday.
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