Saturday, February 2, 2013

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I think we’re all getting a little too picky and involved in the damn stats more than what we should be doing. We should be taking our kids to the ball games so they can enjoy the American past time without writing down each double and error. Eat your damn hotdog, hug your kid, and enjoy the game…and when you see your child’s smile with ketchup all around his mouth and cheering his favorite player you will not see an asterisk anywhere on his face.
When the first seal is opened, out comes the first of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first horseman is riding a white horse, wearing a crown, and carrying a bow. His mission is to conquer the negative influences and win this center for the spiritual self. These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color red, (2) the note do, (3) the word bread in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Saturn, (5) the element earth and of course, (6) the church of Ephesus, (7) the gonads (ovaries or testes), and (8) the beast “like a calf.” In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Saturn is to recast all “insufficient matter” or “spiritualize” the fleshOakley Sunglasses Outlet. Here we see the white horse rider conquering flesh for the Spirit.
So where does that leave us? Will we acknowledge Bonds as the all time homerun champ or not? If not, would we still welcome McGwire if he was going to break the record? Seems like Big Mac and Sosa were accepted by all the fans where Bonds is some kind of villain. Maybe we should just say Roger Maris is still the single season home run leader and keep the asterisks. Let’s say Babe Ruth is still the all time champ and that all his stats weren’t recorded in his early career. Sounds okay? Well, who cares, really.
A-Rod will probably end up the all time homerun champ within ten years and we will forget all about the steroid decade Ray Ban Sunglasses Discount. Why do we care so much for home runs anyway? For my money, the record breaker I think we should be remembering the most is Cal Ripken, but that’s just me. Or what about Sadahara Oh, the Japanese great who hit over 800 home runs? Maybe he should be remembered as the all time home run champ? Oh, I see…you only count players in America? Sure, well, what about Josh Gibson? Many called him the greatest home run hitter ever? He was also in America. Oh Replica Ray Bans Günstige, I see…he was in the Negro leagues.
The Sun is darkened so that the Son may give a new light to the body. All the terrifying events that occur during the opening and sounding of the seven spiritual centers under the influence of the higher self upon the throne of consciousness are symbolic of this great transition, this great preparation for the birth of the new, God-centered self.Let’s go through the opening of the seals and the soundings of the trumpets for each center. Though these are done separately in the Revelation, we will do them together here for the sake of clarity and focus.OPENING THE 7 SEALS & SOUNDING THE 7 TRUMPETS OPENING THE FIRST SEAL & SOUNDING THE FIRST TRUMPET
With Barry Bonds on the verge of breaking Hank Aaron’s all time home run record, one has to wonder if all the hoopla is logical or not. Steroids follow Bonds continually and there is still no proof that he ever did any of the substances. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are under the looking glass as well and again there is no proof that they did the roids or not.
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