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for the groom

To sum up, this is just a sample to help you brainstorm ideas for your own wedding toast. If you need to see more examples, there are a number of good books available on writing wedding toasts for the best man. The web is also a good tool to use to find more information on wedding speeches. Good luck and try to enjoy the big day – yes, it’s your big day too!
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Introduce yourself to the guests and tell them how you know the groom:
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Well don’t worry. Help for writing your toast is available Lunettes de soleil Ray Ban Discount.
Express how you appreciate them for being a part of your life:
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Paul, you are my best friend and I thank you for our long friendship. I look forward to the years ahead of us even more now that I know you have found your soul mate. Carol, I’ve known you for as long as I’ve been married to Mary. I also appreciate your friendship and know that both you and Paul will have a happy marriage together Replica Oakley Sonnenbrille Günstige.
If your best friend asked for a favor, would you hesitate to help? You would stop what you were doing and listen to what he had to say, wouldn’t you?
All of a sudden, it hits you. The best man makes a toast to the bride and groom at the wedding. You don’t have much experience in public speaking and you don’t have any idea of what to say. Now you wonder what mess your friend got you into this time.
Good evening, my name is Jeff Thompson and I’m the best man for the groom Paul. I knew Paul since grade school. We live in the same neighborhood. We went to the same schools, shared mutual friends and pretty much grew up together with similar life experiences.
So may we all raise our glasses? To Carol and Paul, you both inspire us everyday in your love for one another. May it grow and be contagious for all who know and love you.
It was in college when Paul and I met a girl name Mary. I had asked her out on a date and we got along so well we eventually got married. There’s my wife, Mary. Hello!
Here is a fictitious wedding toast you can use to help generate some ideas for writing your own toast. It’s broken down with comments before each passage Oakley Sonnenbrille Großhandel.
Your best friend tells you he is getting married. You are happy for him. But, what if he then asks you to be his best man? You’d say yes, right?
Conclude your toast by wishing the newlyweds well:
Well here we are, Paul and Carol, your big day. You both have been good friends to us and we are so happy things have turned out the way they did for both of you. I can see now that you both are meant for each other.
It was two years later that we introduced Mary’s co-worker Carol to Paul. At first, they didn’t get along. Over the years, we went to different parties and events with a group of friends and sometimes both of them came along individually. Then one day Paul told me he had found the one. I had no idea they would end up being a couple. That’s when I had a hunch that Paul would soon ask Carol the big question.
Describe how the bride and groom first met:
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