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1. The chemical combination of oxyhydrogen is completely different from water.
2. It exists in vapor form only at room temperature.
To reduce the fuel needed in cars, use of oxyhydrogen with normal fuel is an alternate method. Alternate methods reduce 50 percent of car energy costs. You need to be open to any alternate methods, as they can save fuel.
The rising cost of fuel has forced the automotive industry to look into alternate sources to save fuel. Water is the best method to save fuel. Cars running on water uses water as a key source of fuel. Scientists believe that energy from water is the best substitute for automobiles.
Combination of biomass and coal is Methanol. Methanol is also made of natural fuel, as it is cheaper. Methanol is poisonous and harmful to the skin. Methanol contains only one chemical, whereas gasoline contains many chemicals. The fire that breaks out due to Methanol is not viewable in bright sunlight. These are some of the disadvantages of Methanol. Experts say Methanol is good for fuel cell cars. Finally, Ethanol is also an alternate method to save fuel.
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Next, running a car on water gives excellent results. It is a user-friendly method to use. You can switch between both vehicle fuel and water. The energy created makes the car run smoothly and efficiently. This alternate method helps the car in saving 80 percent of fuel on heat, pollution and vibration.
The key component in this technology is water. The combination of oxygen and hydrogen produces water. Combination of oxygen and hydrogen is oxyhydrogen. Disadvantages of oxyhydrogen are:
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Another alternate method is the use of methanol. There is no need to separate hydrogen from methanol, as fuel cell vehicles turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity.
The chemical produced through water is used as fuel in automobiles. The process to extract fuel from water is Electrolysis. Several industries are making use of this process to weld metal and glass. This process has become very popular because of its efficiency. When you mix oxyhydrogen with normal gasoline, it provides more energy and increases mileage. To run vehicles, you need a combination of water and vehicle fuel.
Here, hydrogen has to be stored in its liquid form. Liquid hydrogen is very cold. The electricity generated from battery powers the motor of your vehicle. Fuel cells combine oxygen in the air with hydrogen to produce electricity.
Process Involved:
Its uses are:
Another substitute to save fuel is Zero emission gas. Fuel emission vehicles are produced by filling them with pure hydrogen. This substitute fuel saving method is used to power electric equipment.
Types Of Alternate Methods And Its Uses:
Drive water is another alternate method to save fuel Discount Oakley Sunglasses. It uses car battery to separate water into a vapory form called HHO that is hydrogen in two parts and oxygen in one. Engines running on this fuel alternative method power themselves.
1. It works on both gas and diesel powered cars.
2. More fuel efficiency.
3. It works on plain tap water
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