Thursday, November 1, 2012

which lap top

There is a very comfortable coffee shop here in town, which has a computer and internet access. After taking care of the absolutely critical stuff, I found a spot in the sun on the front porch, with cigar, coffee and water at hand, and read a good book.
I run all of my businesses from this laptop- I back up most of the important data, but this is the only one that has all the software I use. I made a conscious decision to create a “business in a backpack,” and that’s just hunky-dory as long as the laptop works. It’s a recording studio, a graphics studio, a video editor, a web-page creator, and handles my finances… when it works.
Is there a name for the opposite of “the Midas Touch?” I’m not talking about brakes and mufflers, here. I’m talking about the king who had the disturbing experience of having everything he touched turn to gold.
I first noticed it when I reached for the bag of garlic powder I bought at Whole Foods, and it came out of the cabinet upside down and unlatched… making my kitchen floor look like the evidence room of the Hollywood Police Department. White powder everywhere.
I took the laptop to my computer guru and just took myself off the hook for a couple of days. Checked out.
Today my computer guru brought back the laptop- it’s going to need a new keyboard, but other than that it’s fine. I definitely dodged a bullet.
The final straw was Wednesday night, when I reached for my laptop to respond to a posting on a forum, and knocked a full glass of Shiraz-Cabernet into my Fujitsu Lifebook.
Here’s the surprising thing: the world kept spinning. My coaching program filled up. People kept buying my products. Nobody really noticed that I was out of touch for two days… I took two days off and got away with it!
So, two days on a sunny front porch smoking cigars and drinking coffee… excellent therapy. I’m recharged and rested and ready to go.
Bottom line, I was out of business. How to turn THIS into something good?
A non-internet marketing book.
Except… I think… about once a month I’m going to pretend that my laptop got drunk again. Just turn it off, put it in the backpack, and put the backpack in the bedroom… and go to the coffee shop.
I recommend it. The “poop touch” just went away.
However, Cayce explains that as the progress is made toward giving birth to the spiritual self (which occurs later in chapter 12 of the Revelation), the physical self must become more humble, meek, long-suffering, and patient. It must decrease while the spiritual self increases, as John the Baptist said of himself and the coming Jesus. Cayce says that the devastating sufferings represent those influences that meet and conquer self for the greater spiritual development and the creating of a oneness of the individual’s purposes and desires. The higher self, in the form and spirit of the Lamb of God Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and in coordination with God’s will, opens the seals of the body.
Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my death defying schedule. There ain’t no such thing as passive income. If there is, I haven’t seen it. I work seven days a week on e-books, audios cheap jordans, web sites Cheap MLB Jerseys, coaching, and networking.
I’ve been exhausted since the seminar… it was a hell of a way to spend my fiftieth birthday.
I’ve just gone through a week-long period where everything I touched, metaphorically speaking, turned into poop. I had the “poop” touch. This is a family ‘zine. If you’re over 30 and can handle it, substitute the proper word for “poop.”
In the end, it wasn’t all that great-
I may actually introduce the idea… slowly, so I don’t startle myself… of taking a day off every week. I’ll have to work up to that, though.
The two parts of our being (human and divine) can be at war with one another unless these cleansings occur and a singularity of purpose is achieved by subduing earthly desires and accentuating heavenly, spiritual desires. Therefore, the fire is to purify; hail, to crystallize opposing purposes into oneness of purpose. Less and less of self’s desires and more and more of God’s desires are depicted as the destruction of a third of the earth, the sea, and the heavens, followed by the falling of a great star from heaven, representing the coming of heavenly influences upon the earthly self.
I immediately turned it off and upside down- hoping for the best. The next morning, it was a rock. No light. Pushing buttons didn’t generate any sparks at all. Dead.
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