Friday, January 18, 2013

Causes and Myths about Acne Disease

Many men and women suffer from the acne disease, which is very upset for them. Over time there were many things said about the causes and ways to combat acne. These myths were passing from mouth to mouth, as they were deformed, i.e they added many other data and took away.

We know that several of these myths are untrue, and it is best not listen to him and just follow the recommendations of the dermatologist.

What are the most famous Common Causes & Myths About Acne Disease

We want to share some of the most popular myths about Acne Disease:-

The chocolate and fried foods cause acne
Studies say that no foods that cause acne. We know that foods that are high in fat and sugar are not very favorable for the organism, but experts say this has nothing to do. But all bodies are not equal, so if you notice that after eating some kind of food you acne appears, you must identify and avoid it.

Drinking milk causes acne
This is not entirely true, but what is true is that if you are suffering from acne and drink milk, that milk contains iodine it worsens considerably.

Exploiting the grains make them go away faster
TOTALLY FALSE. Doing this is really tempting, just notice that you showed a come do so you start to play it and scratch it, until you revenges. In so doing all they do is make things worse, and that you infect every pore of about come do let the pus escape. Also in the nails are usually bacteria, and they're breaking the skin leaving a clear passage to your body. To make matters worse, popping comedowns are what cause the skin will be marked.

Acne is something only teens, then goes alone
It is true that acne appears at puberty, but there is one theme of teenagers, as also occurs in adults. Also we cannot wait to go only if there are a lot of treatments to remove the kernels. If we go away on their own, they may worsen further.

Wash your face every hour is good to prevent acne
Clean the skin of your face is good but not overly so. Wash your face two or three times daily with soap and water. Away the excess oil and see your skin healthy.

If you tan erase acne
The tan all you do is "cover" in some way and acne marks on your skin. If you take that natural sunlight can bring long-term benefits in this area, as the sun removes the oiliness of the skin. But indoor tanning has nothing to do, only serve to hide it.

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