Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Whether you are only getting we business began not to mention you may be still learning just how in order to enhance the online presence and / or you currently have had a website for a when plus we just aren't happy with it, you might have been aware of WordPress and even could be wondering exactly what WordPress can be. Just place WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and in addition blogs. It allows for a highly customizable interface. WordPress powers millions of sites worldwide, and even lots of big brands make use of WordPress: CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, Folks Magazine, as well as even Ford- they almost all employ WordPress! Pretty impressive list of consumers, if perhaps its adequate for the big boys, its sufficient for website. However definitely not persuaded?!? Here is actually my:nnTop 9 Reasons Why We If Build Your own Website On WordPressnnReason 1: WordPress can be certainly not going anywherennAs a great open source CMS (Content Management System) it has taken the planet by storm - because of August 2011, "14.7% of the actual top million websites in the world" are generally driven by WordPress. WordPress is actually often praised by web designers, internet developers not to mention users likewise for the ease-of-use. This is element of the particular reason it has become thus favored, and why its growth simply keeps on accelerating. I really like stats, so here is a limited much more wise ones: 2 many years ago, WordPress ended up being used by around 8.5% of the actual top million websites inside the actual world, thus to be able to jump from 8.5% to be able to 14.7% inside 1 year alone speaks volumes for how common WordPress has become, and just how a lot persons love this platform! Here's my favorite statistic:nnAs of August 2011 WordPress powers 22% of almost all hot sites. - Rao, Leena (19 August 2011). "WordPress Then Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S.". TechCrunch nReason 2: WordPress is no longer simply for blogging.nnA long time ago, whenever a person mentioned WordPress, all the people automatically thought of blogging. While it happens to be nevertheless the best solution with utilize for blogging, it has come a long means and also has become a especially comprehensive Content Management Suite employed to be able to energy different kinds of sites, including business websites, job boards, sites featuring categorized ads, etc.nnReason 2: WordPress is affordable...its free!nnIt would definitely financial impact a great deal of revenue to have a custom CMS developed which could do the particular same thing that WordPress does; thus why certainly not save cash with WordPress? There's no require to reinvent the wheel, with WordPress being free not to mention customizable. Like WordPress, the actual plugins are generally free because well. These kinds of plugins are not just free yet open source because well. This signifies that such as WordPress, you are able to edit them in the event you want to.nnReason 3: WordPress can be FlexiblennA really good thing regarding WordPress is actually, as I stated above, which it's completely open source - meaning which the source code used in order to run WordPress is actually for sale to be able to the general public. This means which you about the planet will modify the particular code if required and also customize WordPress even further to be able to be just what they require. Often, this kind of isn't mandatory, but yet it equally means which any kind of plugins as well as themes (templates) created for the particular platform are generally as well open source! Imagine a world-wide community functioning together in order to add more qualities and functionality in order to WordPress - you're definitely not limited to be able to just being capable with employ particular employees or programmers with provide customizations, meaning it's a powerful CMS program prepared to be able to do exactly what we require it to, it's flexible, and also easy in order to personalize.nnReason 4: WordPress can be SEO friendlynnSearch engines such as Google love WordPress considering it uses well-written code. In the instance you're looking to get a head commence with Search Engine Optimization, WordPress is actually the particular path to take for your website and/or website. While I am found on the topic, adding fresh relevant content in order to your own web page typically is easy with WordPress that is very suggested because part of your online marketing strategy because it informs search engines that website is actually alive plus effectively, thereby increasing your personal website's rank not to mention a possibilities of being found via natural searches.nnReason 6: WordPress Has Cheap Premium themesnnThemes usually are just what supplyWordPress Website Design its shape, it's precisely what connects the CMS to be able to the finish user. WordPress is actually fairly flexible as well as adaptable. While right now there happen to be some very good free themes, I have found which for $70 bucks the actual superior premium themes usually are simply worth every single dime. Many need virtually no customization!nnReason 7: WordPress Makes it simple to obtain a solution.nnPlugins happen to be basically add-ons which is conveniently installed inside the particular WordPress dashboard area to incorporate qualities which are really definitely not element of the core code. In the instance you will need a certain feature or alternatively attributes that tend to be certainly not built-in, there are really literally thousands of plugins for sale with enhance WordPress' functionality. In almost each case thus there is probably a answer already developed for any thing we require - the possibilities tend to be literally limitless!nnReason 8: WordPress typically is supported by internationally community.nnBecause WordPress can be open-source, right now there can be virtually hundreds of thousands of people that are working to aid create it better. There are WordPress has a really actively supported worldwide community of WordPress programmers, and users! WordPress is up-to-date frequently, with brand new functionality, bug fixes, not to mention protection fixes. Additionally, given that right now there typically is such a large community surrounding WordPress, any kind of developer may function about a WordPress-based site to be able to update it, make changes, etc., so you'll not be held ransom by any kind of 1 designer or alternatively developer. YOU own the web page!nnReason 9: WordPress is easy in order to make use of!nnThis is possibly my favorite thing regarding WordPress. You don't need to be a technical genius to be able to discover exactly how to use WordPress. I constantly tell my clients: should you understand just how to use a Microsoft Word, (and also lets be honest that doesn't?) YOU WILL be able to conveniently update the actual content about your own WordPress site. We don't currently have to be a web designer in order to update your individual content. That's the actual magic of WordPress! Beyond editing content, WordPress provides a backend administrator interface that's visually simple with navigate as well as really powerful. Everything is actually organized inside a logical manner, thus it's simple to locate just what you may be hunting for, weather conditions it really is adding/editing a page, Adding/editing a post or perhaps post, uploading images, managing consumers, etc. WordPress is the number one Content Management System to use to be able to build the webpage!

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