Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to prevent your Acne.

You tried to wash it, cover it , and use expensive jarful goo. Now you're ready to go in another route to prevent your acne. There are natural remedies for acne which work and could additionally enhance your overall health.

Acne is caused by excess formation of natural oils. So you want to take steps to dry the oil, yet you do not want to dry too. This will cause a rebound effect and your skin will produce more oil in response. Here are some products you can take for your skin, that furnish natural remedies for acne without drying out too:

Witch Hazel

Tree Oil

Aloe Vera



Lawyer (mixed with water)

Cleanliness is one of the optimum natural remedies to prevent acne. Wash your face daily with mild soap and avoid rubbing hard . Brushing hard will only make your skin produce more oil to protect themselves. Also, wash your hair each day, because this will result in reduce formation of oil off your face. Make sure that everything that comes near your face is clean all the time. Keep your hats, coats, scarves, shirts, ties, hair bands, sunglasses, etc clean. Make sure your bedding, as his blanket and pillow, is clean. Also, avoid touching your face. 

A healthy lifestyle is a great natural treatment to prevent acne. Watch what you eat. The old wives' tale is true, sweet and fatty foods contribute to acne. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking green tea. Fruits, vegetables and green tea contains strong antioxidants that are anti-acne. Get loads of exercise. The improved circulation is good for your skin. Try to exercise outdoors after all sunlight is a genuine natural astringent (care to avoid sunburn, though). Get enough sleep and drink lots of water, as they provide energy and help you in the day with less stress. Stress is an important factor in acne. find a quiet opportunity for yourself every day to help lower stress.

Before spending much time and money on treatments for acne, try these natural remedies to Prevent acne. You could discover that not only your acne is better, you feel better.

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