Thursday, January 17, 2013

Understanding the Proactiv Three Step System

A lot of people already know about the proactiv three step system but how many people do you think really know how this notorious treatment works? The proactiv solution has become so popular since it was first launched in 1995. The system is widely used by millions of people all across the globe and it also receives huge endorsements from famous celebrities. But is proactiv really effective? Does proactiv really work? Let us take a closer look at what the system can do for you.

The three step system uses three main products to fight acne. The Renewing Cleanser, the Revitalizing Toner and the Repairing Lotion are considered as the backbone treatment of proactiv. These products are designed to work together to eliminate existing blemishes, prevent the formation of acne and to help your skin repair itself from skin damage.

The Renewing Cleanser uses benzoyl peroxide as its main ingredient. Benzoyl peroxide is a known skin irritant. It can cause dryness and flaking if not used properly. To avoid side effects, proactiv intentionally reduced the benzoyl peroxide concentration in the cleanser to 2.5%. The cleanser also contains tiny bead particles that gently remove the dirt, oil and dead skin cells that cover your pores. This allows you to have a deep and thorough cleansing without damaging your skin. The cleanser prepares your skin to receive the nourishing treatment of the next steps.

The Revitalizing Toner is the second step in the Proactiv three-step system. The toner uses natural botanicals and chemically approved substances to restore the normal pH balance of your skin. It soothes and calms your skin and allows your skin to breathe before you apply the last step. The Revitalizing Toner also helps prevent dark spots and scarring. Unlike the cleanser, you should not rinse this off with water.

The Repairing Lotion is the third and final step in the proactiv three-step system. The lotion contains 2.5% micronized benzoyl peroxide that goes deep into your pores to give you a long lasting treatment and protection against acne. The lotion prevents future outbreaks and helps your skin repair the damage that is caused by acne.

These are the three basic products included in the proactiv three-step system. Proactiv also offers other enhancement products. Check this page for more info.

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