Friday, January 18, 2013

Increased prevalence of bad eating habits in children

A recent survey undertaken by a privately owned research group has concluded that watching television when eating food can result in an increase in the risk of developing fussy eating habits in kids. This has caused increased concern among mothers and the medical fraternity, regarding the rising prevalence of worsening dietary habits among today's younger generation. The study has revealed that approximately 86% of kids are suffering from fussy eating habits. Furthermore, this eating disorder was seen more commonly in kids who eat their meals while watching television. Fussy eating habits are well known as an eating disorder in which children develop a negative attitude towards healthy food items. Increasing numbers of children, today, are facing this health problem because of a variety of causative factors. This condition can cause deficiency of a couple of vital nutrients including proteins, vitamins and minerals. Lack of vitamin A in the body can cause skin disorders such as nodular acne and cystic acne vulgaris in the kids. If children are troubled with these kinds of skin conditions, parents can buy Accutane , which is a form of vitamin A, to manage these acne eruptions in their kids in an efficient way. 

The factors causing increasing incidence of fussy eating habits are given below: 

Nuclear family structure: kids, nowadays, are living in nuclear families in which one or both the parents are working. Due to this, children do not get the much needed attention from their mother and father. They feel the need of someone who can spend some time with them and listen to them with patience. Fussy eating habits caters to this need as parents usually give more attention to their kids as far as their eating habits are concerned and also fulfill their demands when they refuse to eat the meals offered to them. 

Effect of television: it was found in the research that the fussy eating disorder was linked to eating food while watching television. Advertisements on television show several food items, most of which look very tempting; but are highly unhealthy for the kids. However, children always ask for these food items instead of eating the healthy food given to them. 

Eating habits of the family: when kids see their parents eating junk meals; it is quite obvious that they also ask for the same food items. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to eat healthy food items in front of their kids so that they also pick up the same good habits. 

Complications caused by fussy eating habits:

Malnutrition is the commonest complication of fussy eating habits. Lack of vital nutrients, for instance, proteins, vitamins and minerals, hampers the academic performance of the kids. This factor, furthermore, lessens the immunity of children making them more prone to bacterial infections. These children can also have a lack of vitamin A in the body; causing nodular acne and cystic acne vulgaris at a very young age. Parents can purchase Accutane for their kids for taking care of this deficiency and to treat the skin conditions caused by it.

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