Thursday, January 17, 2013

what to do to stop acne.

Acne spots (or lesions) could frequently leave a red or hyper-pigmented mark on the skin, this is not really a scar, it is a post-inflammatory change, usually seen once the skin is trying to cure and regenerate itself and this can take some months. If no further acne lesions appear in which particular area, the skin will heal repair normally and the marks will no longer be visible. If any colouring or mark is still visible following a year, it is most likely permanent. 
You can STOP ACNE from getting that severe by seeking cure as soon as possible, however for numerous it is often too late. The good news is though that acne scars could be treated to a degree, depending on the severity and can be made less noticeable. A few treatment options for curing acne scars are:

? Laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing is a fairly new treatment that helps to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin. Laser skin resurfacing removes skin very precisely, layer by layer, resulting in fewer problems with hypopigmentation (lightening of skin). This popular procedure is known by many other names, including lasabrasion or laser peel. This could be costly and time-consuming, you may need more than one visit, though results could over time be very pleasing. yet depending on literally which procedure you have done, the recovery could be uncomfortable and lengthy.Clear Skin Max
? There are many over the counter acne lotions which contain glycolic acid-that are very effective at lowering the appearance of acne scarring. It will take at least six weeks to see any real improvement after all acne scars lie deep under the skin. If there is no noticeable development after two months, a doctor could prescribe a stronger hydroquinone-based bleaching cream to be used in conjunction with a retinoid cream like Retin-A or Retinova. The retinoids will help stop more acne breakouts and will exfoliate skin cells deep within the dermis, where the scars type.
? Honey is an excellent natural alternate to surgery or otherwise damaging surgical procedures to lower the appearance of acne scars. Honey is very moisturising and however it will not remove the scars it will absolutely make them a lot less noticeable. The cheapest and quickest way to treat acne scars is to just apply the honey directly to the affected areas for an hour and then rinse off. If you have just a single scar, apply the honey pryer you go to sleep, cover with a plaster and remove and rinse off the next day. Adding a bit of lemon juice to the honey is just as good for treating acne scars and pimples, after all it is very drying if you have very sensitive skin it is advised to just stick to the honey.Stop your acne before its to late.

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