Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feel young with glowing skin with Tretinoin Gel

Everyone loves to feel young. The same soft baby skin that we have when as children is not the same during puberty and when we grow adult. The skin matures and undergoes numerous changes over a period of time. In the adolescence teenagers suffer from acne and pimple problems. These problems occur mostly during the age of 11-19 years and also amongst the adults. Acne vulgaris is medically termed as disease of hair follicles of the face, chest and back. The pimples or acne occurs in the form of red eruptions or pustules which are painful if you break them. The main causes of acne or pimples are over active sebaceous glands present underneath the skin. You can also reduce the acne outbreaks by drinking lots of water, exercises, frequently washing the face. 
The sebum is a natural enzyme that protects our skin. Acne is associated with the over active sebaceous glands that increases production of the sebum oil and increases the oiliness on the face. The open pores on the skin are clogged by dirt that enlarges the pores giving rise to bumps. In this areas the bacteria is very much active and irritates the condition more. The bacteria cause blackheads on the nose, face and chest. A natural solution to control blackheads is by keeping the face clean by repeatedly washing it to avoid excessive oiliness. The acne and pimples also has a bad impact on the skin. It looks horrible when it spreads on the skin. It can be medically treated with Generic Retin-A which is an anti acne cream composed of acid form of vitamin-A effective in getting rid of acne. This medication is the oldest treatment for acne since 1971 after FDA approval. It is useful to treat both mild and chronic acne problems. It has an enriched composition of tretinoin.
Tretinoin gel provides relieve acne and pimples within 6-9 weeks. It has a distinctive pattern of working on the acne. It reduces the fat level in the skin. It irritates the cells under the skin to grow rapidly and die and stimulate the cells under the skin to grow and the old cells with acne and pimples to die. During this period of time you will feel that your skin is becoming red and irritating. In this way Generic Retin-A prevents the re growth of the acne and pimples. You can have the sam youthful and acne free skin. With increased radiance and protection from future growth of acne and blackheads is the main objective of the topical application cream. This cream is also very much effective in treating other skin conditions such as wrinkles that disappear within 4-6 months of application, hyper pigmentation, scaly and rough skin and brown spots. You will notice the improvement in your skin within 3-4 weeks. The most beneficial part of this medicine is that you can buy generic Retin-A online without a prescription provided you get enough information about this medication before you start applying it. Tretinoin gel must be applied daily once after cleaning the skin with soap.

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