Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shoot A 10-Mintue Short Video

When you decide to direct a short film, you'd better prepare several things ahead of time. A good movie script is very important for your short film. Otherwise, you need video equipment to shoot quality shots. Of course, professional equipment has a high price tag that many people cannot afford. But you can buy used video equipment or use rent xdcam to shoot the short video. As the movie directing is team work, you can ask people, who are interested in movie making project, to join you work.

Many movie directors can write scripts, and your movie directing work will be much easier if you can write the script on your own. Thus, you can have much better understanding of the story. If you cannot write the script, you can ask your friend to write it or hire a writer to write your favored story. Now many people can shoot a short video with cell phones, so your short video must have some unique features to attract others' attention and interests.

When you have got a satisfied movie script, you can start your movie directing work. As you're just making a short movie, you can product the video on your own. When you become a famous movie director, you can find a producer to make a big box office hit. The advantage of a film producer is that you can put more attention on the creative things of the film rather than some trivial matters. Moreover, you can find someone to make a budget for the film. Sure, you can still do this by yourself if you only want to shoot a short film. But this procedure is very necessary and important for a professional film shooting team.

Take full advantage of your rent video equipment and shoot the film in your desire. You are the director of the film, so you can decide what your film look like. Actually you decide everything in the fictional world of your film. Every film has a basic tone, and your film needs to set the background according to the tone. For example, if you're going to shoot a horror film, you need to set something dark and frightening. However, you need to set some colorful, bright and warm things for the romantic film. Otherwise, the background music for the movie is very important, and it should depend on the film's basic tone. Certainly, it is not easy to direct a film, but you can start the work with a 10-mintue short video. As time goes by, your film director dream may come true.

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